12ft x 12ft Mobile animal field shelter V.1

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Overall dimensions: Length 3.82m x Depth 3.6m x Height 2.47m 
Inner dimensions: Length 3.6m x Depth 3.4m x Height 2.47m
Front door dimensions: Length 1.22m x Height 2.22m (bottom doors dimensions 1.22m x 1.22m)
Window: Length 0.49m x 0.67m
Kickboard OSB 11mm (we can provide thicker OSB on request): fitted at 1.22m height across the inner mainframe

- Mobile Field Shelters normally require No Planning Permission.
- Panels cover with 22mm Feather edge boards. Pressure-treated for maximum life
- Genuine Onduline Roofing – Maintenance Free and extremely durable
- Heavy-duty wooden skids (3" x 4") come as standard with our field shelter
- Door constructed with 12mm heavy-duty plywood
- An option of Heavy Duty Steel Skids with Towing/Staking eyes to allow easy movement & ground anchoring.
- Kickboards OSB 11mm (1220mm) fitted to mainframes.
- All Timber is Pressure Treated to Prevent Fungal decay and Insect attack to ensure Maximum life.
- Each field shelter is supplied in knockdown form for easy on-site assembly and to allow access to the site location (required 3 people to install). Easy to assemble and only requires a screwdriver (preferably battery-operated). Assembly instructions will be included with the 24-hour notification email. 
- Please note: Imperial measurements are for representative purposes. The shelter will be cut in metrics.

- To minimize the risk of wind damage, ALL shelters need to be secured to the ground. 
- Please read the description below regarding the base requirements. 

Extras can be added at extra cost.

Top Stable Door +£150

Perspex Sliding window +£100

Guttering +£130

Chew Guards +£130

Please contact us to discuss: [email protected] or call us on 01945410950

Animal field shelters are the perfect quick-assembly choice for housing your horses or other livestock. All our field shelters have been designed for easy self-assembly and come complete with instructions and fixings or alternatively can be installed by the Arbor Garden Solutions team.

These versatile buildings can be supplied on galvanized steel skids to enable you to tow them to different locations in your field or paddock. Our field shelters are made of sawn featheredge boards as a standard, the whole frame is constructed from 2x4 (38mm x 89mm) pressure-treated.

In most cases, Mobile Field Shelters do not require any planning permission, and having the convenience of not requiring an expensive concrete base, also enables you to move your Mobile Field Shelter to another part of the horse paddock when required.

Please note: The product colours shown are representative only and may differ from the actual product due to natural variations in the timber used.


We offer FREE delivery to the majority of mainland UK postcodes but some areas may incur an additional carriage charge and some postcode areas are not covered at all. See more

Returns: 30 days refund, buyer pays return postage

It's important to note that while mobile field shelters are designed for fields, which often have some degree of unevenness, it's still beneficial for them to be placed on as level ground as possible. Here are the reasons:

  1. Stability and Safety:

    • Uneven ground can compromise the stability of the shelter.
    • A stable shelter ensures the safety of animals inside, preventing potential tip-overs or shifts that could injure the occupants.
  2. Structural Integrity:

    • Consistent weight distribution is crucial for the longevity of the shelter's structure.
    • Uneven ground can lead to certain parts of the shelter bearing more weight than others, causing premature wear and tear.
  3. Functional Mobility:

    • Mobile shelters need to be relocated as and when required.
    • If the shelter is on uneven ground, it becomes difficult to move without risking damage or causing strain on the structure.
  4. Water Drainage:

    • Proper water drainage is essential to prevent water from pooling around or under the shelter.
    • Uneven ground can lead to stagnant water build-up, increasing the risk of wood rot or rust in metal components.
  5. Ease of Entry and Exit:

    • For animals and caretakers, a level ground ensures easy access into and out of the shelter.
    • Uneven surfaces could pose tripping hazards or make it challenging for animals, especially those with mobility issues, to enter or exit.
  6. Optimal Use of Space:

    • Level ground ensures that the entire interior space of the shelter is usable.
    • Sloped or uneven ground could render parts of the shelter impractical for use, reducing the overall space available for the animals.
  7. Longevity of Flooring (if present):

    • If the mobile shelter has a floor, even ground reduces the stress on it.
    • Uneven ground can lead to flexing or cracking of the floor over time.

Remember, while mobile field shelters are indeed meant for fields, aiming for the most level ground available within a field setting can provide multiple benefits in terms of safety, longevity, and functionality.

Discover Ultimate Protection: The 12ft x 12ft Mobile Animal Field Shelter.

Step into a world where animal comfort and convenience blend perfectly. Presenting the 12ft x 12ft Mobile Animal Field Shelter - designed to redefine safety, mobility, and assurance for your beloved animals.

Spacious Design, Uncompromised Comfort:
Stretching across a generous 12ft x 12ft, this shelter delivers an abundance of space for animals to relax, play, or seek solace. It caters effortlessly to larger animals, ensuring they have room to move without restrictions, while smaller creatures can find cosy corners to snuggle into. Every inch is meticulously planned to offer maximum comfort.

Mobility Meets Stability:
Animals are unpredictable, and so is the weather. Whether you need to shift due to changing terrains, seasonal requirements or simply offer your animals a fresh patch of grass, this mobile shelter is on the move when you are. Despite its mobility, stability is never compromised, ensuring a safe haven wherever and whenever.

Enduring Craftsmanship:
Every panel, every bolt, and every element of the 12ft x 12ft Mobile Animal Field Shelter speaks of durability. Crafted with premium materials and fortified to withstand the whims of nature, this shelter is not just built for the present, but for years to come. Rain, wind, or scorching sun remains a steadfast protector.

Maintenance Made Effortless:
Time spent on maintenance is time away from your animals. With easy-to-clean surfaces and a design that deters mess build-up, upkeep is swift and hassle-free. Because we believe in effortless care that lets you focus on what truly matters - your animals.

Harmony with Nature:
Beyond functionality, the shelter's design complements the pastoral beauty of fields and meadows. With a natural hue and sleek design, it's a shelter that adds to your field's aesthetics, rather than taking away.

An Investment in Tranquility:
Beyond just a structure, the 12ft x 12ft Mobile Animal Field Shelter is peace of mind materialized. Knowing that your animals have a secure, comfortable space, no matter where they are, is an unmatched assurance. Every purchase is not just for a product, but for the unparalleled comfort and security it brings.

Your Animals Deserve the Best:
When it boils down to the care and comfort of your animals, second-best doesn't cut it. The 12ft x 12ft Mobile Animal Field Shelter isn’t just another shelter; it's a manifestation of top-tier care. A space where every creature, big or small, finds its comforting nook. Elevate their living experience and ensure their well-being with this impeccable shelter.

Why Wait?
Offer your animals the haven they deserve. Experience the blend of durability, mobility, and unparalleled comfort with the 12ft x 12ft Mobile Animal Field Shelter. The sanctuary your animals have been yearning for is just a click away.


More Information
ColourNatura (light green)
Door StyleDutch door style
Door Height1.22m
Framing2x4 (38mm x 89mm)
Internal Depth3.82m
Internal Width3.6m
Log Thickness22m
Roof TypePent
Roof Height2.47m
Size12ft x 12ft

The item will be delivered a flat pack. Easy assemble and only requires a screwdriver (preferably battery operated) to finish, picnic sets will require a socket m8 to finish.
Assembly instructions will be included with the 24-hour notification email.

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Other Information

Please note - we are committed to minimise our environmental impact across our operations and use very limited or no packaging when delivering our goods. 

All our products are made from wood which is a raw material, therefore, there may be some splits and cracks that can appear in the wood from time to time which may come and go with changes in the weather. There is no need for any further treatment as the pressure treatment process can protect against rot for up to 15 years, however, like all wood, it will weather and season naturally over time. The products will turn an attractive silvery grey over the years. We would advise adding a furniture oil or linseed oil based product once a year just to replenish and moisturise the wood, which will also delay the weathering process.

The timber can be painted or coloured using most softwood paints and stains if desired.

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