Wooden Garden Cupboard Table V.1

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◉ Lenght 90cm to 210cm x Depth 80cm x Height 90cm
◉ Tabletop and frame constructed from 2x4 (38mm x 89mm) and 2x3 (38mm x 69mm) pressure-treated construction grade timber.
◉ Tabletop constructed using biscuit joining involves using oval-shaped, compressed wood 'biscuits' to merge tabletop boards seamlessly. Inserted in matching slots with glue, they swell, providing a sturdy, flush bond. A top choice for crafting smooth, unified tabletop surfaces.
◉ Side panels and doors made of 19mm x 89mm pressure-treated timber.
◉ Soft-close door hinges (3 on each door).
Door Handles Included: Every package comes equipped with a pair of sleek black door handles. Why the need to attach on-site? Recognizing the unique needs of our customers, these handles aren't pre-fixed. This ensures you can position them at the perfect height that suits your requirements, giving a tailored experience every time. It’s our way of ensuring adaptability and personalization in every product.
Modular Arrival for Hassle-Free Assembly: The item ships in parts to facilitate straightforward on-site assembly. Need guidance? We've got you covered with a clear instruction manual and an accompanying YouTube tutorial for visual learners. For those seeking a hands-off approach, our expert assembly service is available. Let our skilled team handle the setup, ensuring your item is perfectly positioned and ready for use in no time.
◉ Please note: The product colours shown are representative only and may differ on the actual product due to natural variations in the timber used.
◉ Please note: Imperial measurements are for representative purposes. Workbenches will cut in metrics 4ft - 120cm, 5ft - 150cm, 6ft - 180cm and etc.
◉ The product colours shown are representative only and may differ from the actual product due to natural variations in the timber used.
◉ All measurements provided in this listing are subject to a tolerance of +/- 1.5cm.

Understanding Cracks in Wood: No Cause for Alarm!

What You Might See:

1. Surface Checks: These are merely superficial lines that appear on the timber's surface. Not only are they harmless, but they also don’t impact the wood's strength.

2. Radial Cracks: Ever seen lines moving from the centre of the wood outwards? That's just a natural aftermath of the wood drying process. No worries there!

3. Heart Cracks: Situated right in the timber's heart, these cracks might seem a bit more noticeable than surface ones. Even so, they don't usually affect the wood's sturdiness.

Should Cracks Keep You Up at Night? Absolutely not! While initially, they might raise eyebrows, most of these cracks are just wood's way of gracefully ageing. The usual suspects like surface checks and radial cracks? Totally normal. However, keep an eye out for extra wide cracks or if they seem to grow quickly. That's when a closer look might be a good idea!


Maximize Your Wooden Table Defense: Essential External Treatments

Even with pressure-treated timber boasting up to 15 years of protection against rot and fungus, giving your wooden table additional care is crucial. Especially when placing it outside, you'll want to ensure added protection within the first 1-3 weeks.

Sun's Intensity Counter: Don't let the UV rays dull your wooden table. Osmo UV Protection Oil and Sikkens Cetol are top-tier choices for UV defence.

Moisture's Might Defender: For that extra moisture shield, Thompson's WaterSeal and other premium sealants are the go-to.

It's time to give your own garden the makeover it deserves—a product that resonates with your taste, lifestyle and your penchant for quality. Dive into the realm of elegant outdoor living.

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"The Wooden Garden Cupboard Table V.1: A Fusion of Aesthetics and Strength"

The modern garden often serves as a retreat, a place where one can escape from the rigmarole of daily life. And, central to such an oasis is the furniture that populates it. The Wooden Garden Cupboard Table V.1 stands as a testament to this ethos – a perfect blend of aesthetics, durability, and functionality. Dive deep into the craftsmanship and design elements that make this masterpiece a must-have for every garden lover.

Rigorous Foundations: The 2x4 (38mm x 89mm) Pressure Treated Timber Frame

Venturing into the realm of garden furniture demands both creativity and tenacity. The frame of the Garden Cupboard Table, constructed from 2x4 pressure treated timber, offers a robust foundation. But why does this matter? Well, this kind of timber, given its pressure treatment, ensures longevity, resisting the onslaughts of pests and adverse weather. In essence, it's the bulwark that ensures your table stays resilient amidst nature's unpredictable tendencies.

Elegant Side Panels: The 1x4 (19mm x 89mm) Pressure Treated Timber Magic

Moving upwards from the formidable base, the side panels are a visual treat. Made of 1x4 pressure treated timber, these panels combine strength with elegance. The grain patterns of this particular timber type imbue the table with a certain rustic charm, encapsulating the very essence of the great outdoors, whilst its pressure-treated nature ensures minimal wear and tear.

Doors that Mesmerize: Reinforced Double Doors with Soft-Close Hinges

Functionality meets beauty in the double doors of the cupboard table. Crafted meticulously from 1x4 timber, they are both sturdy and pleasing to the eye. But the pièce de résistance? The soft-close hinges. These modern marvels ensure that every closure is smooth, silent, and devoid of abrupt impacts, safeguarding both the timber and the contents within.

Base Shelf: The Unsung Hero

Hidden beneath the table’s main structure is the base shelf. Though often overlooked, this component is vital. Providing an additional layer of storage, it's a space where gardening tools, pots, or even books can find a safe haven, protected from the elements yet easily accessible.

Biscuit Joining: The Art that Holds it All Together.

Ah, the pièce de résistance, the biscuit joining! Not just any form of carpentry, this technique is both an art and a science. Using plywood strips which are highly compressed wooden biscuits and special adhesive, two pieces of wood are joined seamlessly. The result? Not only an incredibly strong bond but also an aesthetically pleasing one. No protruding nails, no unsightly gaps. Biscuit joining is the unsung hero, ensuring that the table top is both resilient and beautiful.

In conclusion, the Wooden Garden Cupboard Table V.1 isn’t just another piece of furniture; it’s a well-thought-out amalgamation of strength, functionality, and beauty. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer details, this piece promises to be the crowning jewel in any garden setting.

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Other Information

Please note - we are committed to minimise our environmental impact across our operations and use very limited or no packaging when delivering our goods. 

All our products are made from wood which is a raw material, therefore, there may be some splits and cracks that can appear in the wood from time to time which may come and go with changes in the weather. There is no need for any further treatment as the pressure treatment process can protect against rot for up to 15 years, however, like all wood, it will weather and season naturally over time. The products will turn an attractive silvery grey over the years. We would advise adding a furniture oil or linseed oil based product once a year just to replenish and moisturise the wood, which will also delay the weathering process.

The timber can be painted or coloured using most softwood paints and stains if desired.

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