Practical Wooden Furniture & Storage

At Arbor Garden Solutions, we are champions of wooden outdoor furniture and believe it’s an affordable and sustainable way to make your outdoor space more homely. However, we know it’s not all about relaxing in the sun and entertaining guests - which is why we also advocate for the use of more wooden garden storage and functional wooden furniture.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the handiest bits of wooden furniture to have both inside the house and out in the garden.

Why Wood?

We stock a variety of wooden storage items and functional furniture, ranging from log and tool storage units to fully-fledged garage cabinet systems. The benefits of using wood for these pieces include their affordable nature, added sustainability, and relative ease of setup. Not only that - but nurturing your home's ambience with wood's natural, warming aesthetic can make such functional purchases into attractive visual choices for interior and exterior design.

Outdoor Log Storage

If you’re fond of a bonfire, are an avid whittler, or a DIY enthusiast, you’re likely to keep plenty of logs around. Most of us don’t have a dedicated indoor space to house our logs, but they still need protection from the elements - which is why we recommend the purchase of a log store.

Log stores are available with either standard roofs (that slope forward) or reverse roofs (that slope back) and come in various widths and heights, depending on your capacity for lumber. They can also come with several shelves on the inside and can even double as outdoor storage for your family’s shoes. It’s also worth noting that deluxe log stores, with added shingles and the option of secure doors for extra protection from the elements and thieves, are also on offer. If you’re keeping logs, good storage is essential.

Tool Storage

Wooden tool stores are similar in design to log stores; however, they generally emphasize security - with padlock doors being a common feature. Differing from log stores, which typically maintain the open face, upstanding style, tool stores also come in chest and box designs that are slightly less ostentatious, take up less room, and are often sturdy enough to double as an extra garden bench.

Wooden Wheelie Bin Storage

Taking out the bins will always be a chore, but with a nice storage unit, it can be a little easier on the eyes! Keeping your bins stored in a nice timber unit not only keeps them safe from winds, animals, and vandalism but also makes for a more pleasing visual experience when completing your weekly waste removal.

Garage Cabinet Systems

A garage can be a great workshop, a designated site for band practice, or simply the home for your household’s misfit items. Either way, it should be kitted out with some suitable storage units, and wooden cabinet systems are a great, reasonably priced way to do so. Available in various shapes and sizes, as well as arrangements, you can make the cabinets work for you and fit your space.

Whether you choose a complete 4-piece cabinet set with an open midsection or go for an all-in-one cupboard/workstation unit, having some dedicated storage space is essential to utilise a garage fully.

Racking/Shelving Units

An adjustable shelving unit or rack is invaluable for tool and supply storage and can be similarly useful as a log store. A good unit benefits from a boltless design, which allows for adjustments to be made to the layout of the shelves - meaning you can use the space however best fits your needs.

Now you know more about how to store your logs, supplies, and tools, let’s take a look at the workbenches you can use to put those tools in action.


Wooden workbenches come in all manner of sizes for differing functionality requirements. Some have storage built-in, others are simply tables for you to work on, some are great for outdoor use, while others should be strictly kept indoors. Either way, a workbench is essential to a good workspace - whether you’re passionate about home improvement, design projects, or if you’re starting a DIY commercial enterprise.

The level of built-in storage is an essential aspect of any workbench, with some featuring fully lockable cupboards and draws. In contrast, others simply feature open shelves under the central table unit, while some have no built-in storage at all. If purchasing a heavy-duty wooden workbench, you’re more likely to sacrifice more complex storage in favour of a higher weight-bearing capacity, with some benches capable of holding up to 950kg.

What Next?

Hopefully, now you have a better idea of the kind of practical, functional wood furniture and storage you can use to increase your handiness at home while maintaining a comforting, natural style - and there are many ways to make the aesthetic even more coherent. If keeping a wooden workbench outside, why not pair it with one of our pergolas and a cover to add shelter? Check out our full range of products today and make wood a staple in your home’s design!

Remember, we believe in sustainable furniture, which is why all of the products we stock are made using FSC approved timber, so you can be confident that you’re making an environmentally conscious choice.