If you’re buying a new garden shed, read this first…

Are you thinking of buying a new garden shed?

Is your current garden shed looking tatty? Do you need more garden shed storage?

Here are some tips for you before you spend money on a garden shed that isn’t right for you, doesn’t last or costs much more than it should.

1. Garden sheds are portable

Obviously, you can’t pop one in your suitcase and take it away with you for the weekend. But if your garden shed is in the wrong place, you may not need to buy a new one. You may find it cheaper simply to move it.

If you are looking to install a new shed, you can move your current shed and use it as a storage unit until your new shed is ready.

2. The most important thing about a garden shed is its base

You can spend hours on the internet and in shed stores, trying to decide on the style of our new shed. However, people barely give a thought to the base. Many people just opt for the cheapest. It’s an extra tick on an online form.

Some people don’t bother with a base at all. But if you have a poor quality base or no base at all, the shed will absorb water from the ground. It’ll rot quickly. And a slightly uneven base puts pressure on the construction of your shed. A shed set on paving stones or gravel may sink and become uneven over time.

There is no point in wasting money on a good quality structure if you’re going to expose it to damp and rot from the base upwards.

3. And the roof is pretty important too…

When you buy a ready-made shed, the roof is often extra to the list price. There is a board roof supplied, which will be fine for a few years. If you want more protection, there is usually a roofing felt option.

Generally, people don't think about buying a better roof but after a few years, you could get trouble with the roof. The wind can blow it off, it can curl off or water could even get through it wetting what's inside.