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Grill Table Fits All
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"Grill Table Fits All" BBQ Kitchen Space for Double Kamado Ceramic Smokers Designed & manufactured with love, this unit is seriously engineered with the finest materials. Made for a perfect fit with your chosen or existing Kamado BBQ Grills. 


"Grill Table Fits All" BBQ Kamado grill types. After you made a purchase, please send us an email to with your ceramic Kamado grill models and we will make a bespoke table for you. 

- Please note: same size Kamado grills will have one singular shelf. Two different size Kamados will have two separate shelves with appropriate height adjustments. 

This BBQ Table will fit:

Kamado Bono Minimo
Kamado Bono Bono
Kamado Bono Limited
Kamado Bono Grande
Kamado Green Egg Mini Max
Kamado Green Egg Large
Kamado Green Egg XLarge
Kamado Joe Junior
Kamado Joe Classic 1
Kamado Joe Classic 2
Kamado Joe Classic 3
Kamado Joe Big 2
Kamado Joe Big 3

Overall Dimensions
Length 1800mm x Depth 900mm x Height 880mm

- BBQ Island tabletop and shelf - made from the highest quality 18mm Birch hardwood ply. To give a beautiful rustic finish we used Sadolin's extra-durable wood stain, it is a medium-build, solvent-based, satin finish wood stain for exterior softwoods and hardwoods. It provides a water repellent, flexible and microporous surface which resists flaking, peeling and blistering. We're committed to providing the highest quality products, so we added an additional coat of "Sadolin Extra Durable Clearcoat" a clear exterior varnish that protects against UV and weathering also it is extremely durable and flexible, resists cracking, splitting, blistering and flaking.

- Corner supports - made from constructional grade redwood posts. Corner supports are pressure treated and come with up to 15 years of guarantee against fungus and rot. Posts are also stained with Sadolin's extra-durable wood stain. Also, you can choose an option with wheels. Four robust wheels, allow you to reposition this unit with ease in order to accommodate additional furniture.

- Overall frame is made from constructional grade CLS C16 2x3 (38mm x 63mm) timber and stained with the same wood stain as corner posts. 

- The kamado base is made from 12x concrete spacers which are 7cm in diameter and 3cm in thickness. This will allow better airflow and prevent the table from burn marks. 

Each bench is supplied in knockdown form for easy on-site assembly and to allow access to the site location. Easy assemble and only requires a screwdriver (preferably battery operated) with a 10mm socket head. Assembly instructions will be included in the flatpack. For your convenience, you can check our YouTube channel for assembling videos.

Why Choose 18mm Birch Hardwood: this is a superior quality hardwood plywood made up of multiple veneers to increase its structural stability while offering a high-quality face finish. It is made up of lots of layers of thin veneers, glued together at right angles. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties and is combined with a smooth surface.

**Please be advised that the Kamado grill and utensil set are not included.

A Kamado island/outdoor kitchen allows the gift of unforgettable experiences – think oak-fire-heated mulled wine and mince pies, slow-roasted chestnuts, and hot chocolate with a hint of smoke from toasted marshmallows. Take friends and loved ones on a gourmet adventure of food, fire and festivities – outdoors.

Smoking and grilling should be enjoyable not only to the gourmands but also to the master chef of the whole process. Create your ideal environment and let yourself focus on the recipe, improvise and explore the culinary expanses having everything you may need right there at your hand.