Simple Ways to Make Your Workbench Work Easier! These ingenious workbench upgrades will make a huge difference in your workshop efficiency. And they’re easy to DIY! 1. Mount a Power Strip This oldie-but-goodie tip comes from David Gersic. Screw a power strip to the side of your workbench and you won’t have to monkey with extension cords anymore when using power tools for bench work. 2. Laminate Flooring Bench Top Leftover scraps of laminate flooring make a great workbench surface. Laminate is tough and easy to clean—dried glue or paint scrapes right off. If you fasten the laminate with small nails, you can easily pry it off and replace it every few years. This is one of the easiest and most durable workbench top ideas you can DIY. 3. Simple Sandpaper Cutter Cutting sandpaper is a quick way to dull your scissors or utility knife blade. Instead, you can fasten a hacksaw blade to the edge of your workbench. Slip a washer behind the blade at each of the mounting holes so a sheet of sandpaper to easily slides in behind the blade. Then, just fold the paper where you want to cut, just as a reference. 4. Workbench Dropcloth Mount a roller window shade on one end of your workbench and pull it out for painting projects. Home centres will cut shades to the width you need, so measure your workbench before going to the store. 5. Vinyl Tool Tray What can you do with a leftover length of gutter? You can screw it to the edge of your workbench and use it to keep tools and fasteners out of your way but handy for assembly work.