As summer is coming to an end and we are starting to see the last of the sun, it means it is time to think about a log store. It is essential to prepare in advance as the weather can be unpredictable and the last thing you want is for your logs to be wet!

What are the benefits of having a log store?

Log stores are designed to minimise the logs exposure to rain and are also created to improve airflow around the logs to reduce moisture. Logs that are stored correctly contain less moisture - the lower moisture levels means that more heat is released when burning.

Where is the best place to locate a log store?

Ideally, you want your log store to be south-facing where there is a wind or a draft. However, you may find this location is not close to your house and in the middle of winter, you will have to brave the cold to bring in more logs. You can even have two log stores; a smaller one would be perfectly positioned by the back door as a half-way house so you have logs close by, whilst a larger one can be placed near a shed or garage for storage of more logs for use throughout the winter.

The log store is also a decorative item

Having a log store can add interest to your garden all year round. You can create stunning stacked wood designs and can also add character by having a painted log store.

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