Wood is very durable and able to withstand years of use. Although wood is solid and sturdy, it can still benefit from proper care and treatment over the years. From everyday cleaning to the occasional deep clean, and from protecting your furniture to fixing slight damage, here’s how to care for your log and wooden furniture to keep it looking great for many years to come.

When you buy your furniture, it’s a good idea to ask for suggestions and instructions on the best way to clean wood furniture. The company that made your furniture should have a list of care instructions that will keep it looking great for many years. If you cant, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Dusting Wood Furniture

One rule of thumb to follow when it comes to keeping your wood furniture looking great is to dust it regularly. While you don’t have to dust every day, removing any accumulated dust at least weekly is ideal.

Dusting your furniture removes the fine layer of dirt and debris that can build up on the surface of the wood. If that layer of debris and dust isn’t removed frequently, it can harm the wood. The tiny particles collect on the wood, forming a thick layer that can scratch the surface.

You can use lint-free or soft cloths, microfiber cloths or a feather duster.

Waxing your furniture

Instead of using polish on your wood furniture, you can use wax to protect its surface. Keep in mind that wax or polish is an “either/or” choice. If you decide to use wax, you can’t switch to polish. If you decide to use polish, you can’t switch to wax.

Wax offers a few benefits over polish. For one thing, it provides a more durable, protective surface. It helps to protect the surface of your furniture from scratches and is going to last longer than a coating of polish. It’s also less slippery and less likely to smear or show fingerprints than polishes.