It’s nice to see that designers keep coming with new and beautiful furniture that has not only a practical use but also looks really good and improves your interior design. We started Arbor Garden Solutions to build outdoor furniture the way we were taught to build anything, with attention to detail, style, and care for its longevity. That means we will always use the best materials available.

“Arbor Garden Solutions” being one of the leaders and fastest-growing wooden outdoor furniture manufacturers in the Region is aiming to engage young specialists in developing a new range of wooden indoor & outdoor furniture and industrial workbenches. The furniture would have to be made using such processes as: cutting, bending, moulding, laminating. The furniture can encompass various composite, textile materials, leather, steel, aluminium, but in the final product – timber has to maintain dominance. This challenge does not limit the intended usage of the furniture (Living room, bathroom, lounge, patio, workshop etc.). 

The main requirements – aesthetic, unique and practical design.

To participate you’ll need to provide a more or less complete furniture design plan that could be passed on to manufacturing. If successful, the designer will be announced co-author and receive a special company prize.

Students are invited:
Students of industrial design, architecture, production engineering and management, other engineering fields (mechanics, robotics).

Send us an email to [email protected] with a short introduction about yourself, how you came up with the idea and of course an attached design plan.